Recommendations on an ORM? I’m coming from C#/.NE...
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Recommendations on an ORM? I’m coming from C#/.NET with extensive experience EntityFrameworkCore Looking for, in priority order: 1. Postgres support 2. Model classes to load data from tables 3. Query generation from kotlin code (minimal hardcoded sql strings) 4. Schema generation from model classes 5. Database migrations 6. Reverse engineering model class from an existing database
Exposed, an ORM framework for Kotlin 1- Yes, also see supported databases from this link 2- Yes. 3- Yes. 4- Yes. 5- No. But there is a good idea how to manage migrations, see the comment of CharlieTap via this link 6- Yes See this link
Sounds like Hibernate/JPA...
I've yet to work with an ORM/framework combo as perfected as Entity Framework/.NET, with ActiveRecord/Rails is up there too.