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# meta
From here: One can read:
use “Code or text snippet” available from + menu next to message input
But I don’t find any such +-menu. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? (Screenshot of what I see will be added to thread ⬇️ )
Skärmavbild 2020-02-12 kl. 09.51.50.png
The right-most button does not produce Kotlin coloring, so that can’t be right. I’m on macOS using the Slack Desktop client.
Slack changed, now you would use the
button to put code inside your message or the leftmost button to attach a file
You might want to open a PR to fix that
I might open a PR to fix that, but first I must understand what
Slack supports Kotlin markup
on that page means. I don’t get markup (which I interpret as colored keywords) when I use the
Yes, it means it supports Kotlin files when attaching code, not inside messages
Slack doesn’t support any kind of highlighting for any language inside messages afaik
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