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02/07/2021, 8:57 AM
diKTat 0.4.0 is released diKTat ( is an open-source Kotlin code style analyzer with built-in formatter implemented on the top of KTlint and distributed under the MIT license. New relese [0.4.0] brings support for language version dependent features, as well as a handful of new inspections and a few bugfixes. [Release notes] are available on GitHub. If you are not yet familiar, diKTat has over a hundred inspections, built-in formatter and extensive configuration via a yaml file. Diktat can be run as a CLI application and it has it's own [gradle] and [maven] plugins. Disclaimer: Please try diktat in your projects and let us know of your impressions! Your feedback is extremely important for us :)
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02/07/2021, 4:49 PM
Silly question maybe, but… what’s the difference from Detekt? What would be the advantage I’d get using diKTat over Detekt, or at least the differences? I don’t really know your lib and am always looking for new static analysis tools, so I’m curious 🙂