Big Chungus

02/05/2021, 5:43 PM
Hi folks. I'm happy to share the first preview of the KotlinJS (IR only) library I'm working on these days. Introducing KHAKRA! It's a library providing Kotlin React bindings for ChakraUI components library. At the moment I'm just getting started, so not many components have been wrapped yet, but I feel there's enough for you to explore and provide some early feedback. Boot up the sandbox
./gradlew sandbox:browserDevelopmentRun -t
and have a look. Or alternatively you can pull the published artifact from github packages (JCenter, you'll be missed...). If you have any questions/suggestions, pop a message in #khakra or raise a github issue. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Added a Chakra module implementation tracker to make the progress more visual. ~10 new modules wrapped after today :)