Hey there, back-end developers :wave: If you love...
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Hey there, back-end developers 👋 If you love Kotlin (that’s why you’re here, right?) and use it for back-end jiu-jitsu then heads up. We’re a small app agency from Cologne in Germany and remote by now. We’re looking for a Kotlin developer who prefers working in back-ends over fiddling with front-ends. ️ Experience: a few years of developing, structuring, and maintaining back-ends with Kotlin (and maybe Java). 🧑‍💻 You: think startup rather than enterprise. 🌍 Location: fully remote – but located within EU or nearby, for now 💵 Salary: 3,500€ – 6,000€ per month, depending on location, seniority & equity agreement 🐉 Dragons ahead We really appreciate if you build things on top of established frameworks. But we’re also eagerly experimenting and pushing the limits of Kotlin. We often find ourselves building and open-sourcing own stuff (fully in Kotlin, no hidden Java) and to build our back-ends on top of that. If you join the fight you may end up in the same jungle. Or not. Depends on the project 😉 After all, sharing libraries and frameworks is where their secret power comes from. If you’re curious, you can find most of them here – many still experimental: https://github.com/fluidsonic?tab=repositories&q=&type=source&language=kotlin 💡 Details, requirements, about us & application https://apply.workable.com/widgetlabs/j/8906C23AF1/ PS: Please do apply through that page. It’s an incredible lot of work for a small company to thoroughly review and to keep track of applications 😵 PPS: But do feel free to throw questions at me in this thread ;)
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Are you able to share salary range at least (even if it's very broad)?
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Updated. Thanks for pushing 👀
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Would you be willing to work with a subcontractor from a small company?
@ilaborie thanks for asking. We’re looking to build long-term relationships with people to become core team members over time. We’re not looking for subcontractors at the moment.
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I applied, hope it's not too late!
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