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10/04/2018, 1:40 PM
Given KotlinConf is on - I guess it makes sense to post our job here:
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At Flux we're building the infrastructure that will digitise and organise the most granular data of our life's purchases, exactly what we are buying, and put that data back in the hands of consumers in a 10x more useful way. Many people will see that sentence and think, I already get instant notifications this seems unnecessary. Those who reflect on it will know the information about what we buy, e.g. that blueberry muffin, is critically missing. It's one of the final frontiers in the digitalisation of our purchases.
• London (near Old Street) • No remote - sorry (though one day a week is fine/expected) • £50-60k + equity (am sure this is negotiable for the right person) • No Java left in the codebase 🙂 I’m actually at KotlinConf - so come and have a chat with me if you’d like - or drop me a message here 🙂 Some other, cool things to note: • We’re using GraphQL! • We’re using Kotlin Coroutines quite a bit too! • We have our own espresso machine in the office 😎
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10/04/2018, 3:09 PM
relocation friendly?