Hey folks. My current client, Treatwell, is lookin...
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Hey folks. My current client, Treatwell, is looking for several permanent Android developers to work on their consumer facing app. Salary range: £50k - £90k. Location: London, Chancery Lane. On-site, full-time, permanent. The company: Treatwell is Europe's leading hair and beauty marketplace. They are revolutionising an industry by changing the way people book their hair and beauty treatments. They already connect millions of consumers with tens of thousands of salons yet have barely scratched the surface of the market. The team: The tech Team at Treatwell are friendly, diligent and talented. They believe strongly in Agile principles and values and are on a mission to do great work and become famous for it in the tech community. The newly formed "Marketplace App" team is a cross functional team comprised of Android, iOS and backend devs. The team are empowered to take ownership of how they work and to define the technical vision for the apps. The role: Developers joining the team will take ownership of the consumer facing app by delivering new features, conducting A/B tests, driving improvements to not only the codebase, but all aspects of the product and architecture. The ideal candidate: Treatwell are looking for experienced, vocal, open developers who can quickly become the authority on the existing app and, as part of the team, take ownership of it's ongoing evolution. Spec: https://www.treatwell.com/openings/?id=1001035
Out of curiosity, how do people post salary ranges: is it pre-tax or the money you're left with?
Pretty sure it's pre-tax. If it's not, I'll come back and let you know 🙂
How could it ever be post-tax since that would be entirely personal (ie. deductions, other income, tax brackets and such) ?
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Looks like a great position though 🙂
From personal experience, like all places, it has it's ups and downs but if I were considering a perm position, I'd be quite happy here. Issues get solved very quickly. There's no process overhead that comes with big companies and there's no lack of experience (in any department) that comes with small companies. Since you'd be joining a new team, you have the chance to lead the charge for the app and be a very significant member of the team.
@spand, it can easily be post tax in countries which have flat tax rates. E.g. in Georgia where I'm from, the tax on salary is 20% flat. There are no brackets, deductions, other income influence, etc. so people are used to talk about post-tax salaries there. I guess there are other countries with flat rates and to candidates from those countries it is not obvious if salary is specified as pre-tax or post tax. If company is willing to hire from other countries, it's on them to specify that detail.
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sadly tax rates in the uk are much higher than that which makes contract more popular in london