Is there such a thing as a script project in Intel...
# scripting
Is there such a thing as a script project in IntelliJ? A project with nothing else but a KTS file and an .idea folder.
not that i am aware of
You can do this with Gradle
now that i know more about scripting i can give a bit more complete answer.. by adding additional accepted location to your script configuration, like this: i have used this so far to put scripts in subfolders that are not marked as sourceFolders in gradle or idea by default its set to
was the only one i tried out apart from those
this ofc requires you to write a ScriptConfiguration for it... and load it somehow in the dependencies/classpath of your project.. or somehow other trigger idea to run the ScriptDefinition code
there seems to be a setting for this in the Kotlin COmpiler settings in idea that i have not poked very much, but it seems to allow specifying a jar path and classnames for the Script definitions, just not sure what the intended separator character is
feel free to write back if you figure that bit out.. also if its possible to set that via gradle somehow (if its useful when set manually)