You wrote in the README" "Kotlin Native's compile ...
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You wrote in the README" "Kotlin Native's compile times are horribly slow" ... I noticed that too when I was playing around with a rather small windows console app in Kotlin/Native.
Are there any workarounds at present? Is there a way to split up projects into modules to parallelize compilation?
I'm not aware of any unfortunately, a single line on the main project would cost me 4-5mins of compile time which is unbearable for most but I'm a bit more patient ­čÖé
Was wondering, what's the benefit of using Kotlin in Godot?
- You get to use a modern language like kotlin (GDScript is based of python) - Performance wise, in the simple cases GDScript and Kotlin are comparable (heck GDScript might be a bit faster as it is more integrated with Godot, the Kotlin Native binding has to cross c land to communicate with Godot). In complex scenarios is where native binding shines, specially when you have to do heavy number crunching (GDScript is an interpreted language). - Coroutines? (well if KN is done with this "be like rust" phase, freezing an object is quite expensive.)