Would this be a good pattern for a function that b...
# coroutines
Would this be a good pattern for a function that both fetches one single data element, and also a series of other data elements simultaneously?
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fun fetchData (scope : CoroutineScope) : Pair<Deferred<Int>, Channel<Float>> {
    // Start first operation
    val r1 : Deferred<Int> = scope.async {
        delay (200) // Pretend to do some work
        42  // Return a result

    val r2 = Channel<Float> ()

    // Start second operation
    scope.launch {
        repeat (10) {
            delay (it * 100L) // Pretend to do some work
            r2.send(it.toFloat()) // Return one result
        // Second operation done

    return Pair(r1, r2)

fun main () {
    val results = fetchData(GlobalScope)

    runBlocking {
        launch {
            val res1 = results.first.await()
            println("Result 1 : $res1")
        launch {
            for (elem in results.second) {
                println ("Result 2 elem: $elem")
Without coroutines, I'd use a callback interface with functions
onResult2(x : Float)
and call the first one once and the second one multiple times.
In general, if you return a
Pair<Deferred<>, Channel<>>
then you can the await both separately. I imagine it’s not very different from having two separate functions. I’d suggest using
directly if you can instead of the channel, though
In my case it only makes sense to do both things at once, so having two functions wouldn't be very useful. Wouldn't Flow mean that the operation would only start when you begin to read from it? I want it to start immediately
Ah, that’s right, then yes. Or you could use
but I’m not sure it would be better. Overall what you sent looks good to me 🙂 I’m not an expert though
ah I only need one consumer. Okay thanks! Then I'll do it like that