I have a comment an the coroutine channel API. Cu...
# coroutines
I have a comment an the coroutine channel API. Currently the
constructor takes a
argument of type Int.
is also used to define the type of the channel by the use of magic constants such as RENDEVOUS=0, BUFFERED=-2, UNLIMITED=Int.MAX_VALUE.
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val c1 = Channel<Int>(capacity = 15)
val c2 = Channel<Int>(capacity = RENDEVOUS) // dislike
Kotlin has the great feature of sealed classes. Wouldn't it be better to have an API like:
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// Limited(capacity: Int) and object Rendevous belong to sealed class ChannelType
val c1 = Channel<Int>(type = Limited(15))
val c2 = Channel<Int>(type = Rendevous) // Rendevous is an object here
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@elizarov Any opinion from JetBrains?
We might migrate to something like this in the future, but there is no pressing need. Channels are quite low-level anyway. Our focus right now is on flows.
In general, we tend to avoid introducing new entities (classes, etc) in our apis unless there are solid use-cases proving their need.