What is the impact of running the coroutines debug...
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What is the impact of running the coroutines debug agent in production? I find it really useful to do
kill -5
to get insight into the running coroutines, but always see the "do not use in production" warnings.
the debug agent itself needs to grab a stack trace every time you create a coroutine, and probably also when it resumes, which is quite expensive if you have a lot of suspending coroutines
if you also like using the non-agent debug features, those cause a call to
every single time it changes threads
Thx, sounds like the warnings were accurate 🙂
You can keep track of the issue in https://github.com/Kotlin/kotlinx.coroutines/issues/1379 If you have concerns about
, please left them in the comments
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Oh yeah, I forgot I'm the one that created that issue (and you moved it to GitHub for me) 🙂