Hi. I wanted to implement dynamic features with in...
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Hi. I wanted to implement dynamic features with instant support in my app. It is almost working except di with dagger. in my app module i do not have access to my activity in the feature module. so i can not do the following in my dagger FragmentsModules.kt
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@ContributesAndroidInjector(modules = [FooFragmentModule::class])
abstract fun bindFooFragment(): FooFragment -> FooFragment can not be accessed
Does someone have an solution for this issue? Slack Conversation
Please do not cross post your message, you already did it into 3 channels. And your question not even related to Kotlin and offtopic for this slack
Andrey I don't think this is off topic. It is an "Android architecture" question. Also, while cross posting without waiting for an answer is a bit hasty, channel discovery is hard. 🙂
Android architecture, but this question is not related to Kotlin, all channels in this slack are related to Kotlin
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Please remember this is a Slack team for Kotlin. If you have generic questions that are about a technology (which may or may not be used with Kotlin), maybe it’s better to use another forum, such as StackOverflow.
The sample is in kotlin
This still doesn’t mean that it suitable for this slack. This sample has nothing Kotlin specific
You responded to this message and it's not kotlin specific
So why is this particular message one where you draw the line?
Because it not only offtopic, but also cross posted 3 times
So it’s 3 times worse
I do not fight for purity so much. If I have simple answer for off-topic, I’m fine to answer on it but also sometimes mention that better to follow topic of slack. But when it’s complicated topic which has no simple answer like in this case that also crossposted to 3 different channels, I just pointed that it’s off-topic