Hi, method getSyntheticFunctionNames in extension ...
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Hi, method getSyntheticFunctionNames in extension SyntheticResolveExtension is called for every class in module (as expected), but it's not called for classes from dependencies. Is there a way to add methods to autocomplete for already compiled classes?
Not sure about the exact use case but usually you can do that with a package fragment provider
The synthetic resolver extension is incomplete If you need to do anything useful with top level declarations like type aliases or package functions or properties. It only accounts for class, interface and objects and what they have inside
Use case is pretty simple. Generate methods for each data class property for
Lens<A, MyDataClass>
Lens<A, MyDataClass>.property1Name: Lens<A, Property1Type>
I can't really do that with fragment provider, because resolving parameter types requires all imports - it can loop easily.
I'm not sure about top level functions to be honest. You can add synthetic classes to package and top level properties and methods are in class in the end. I think I'll research it more today
If this is related to meta lenses I may be able to help in #arrow-meta. Those synth descriptors should be generated automatically as synth if you annotated them as synth. Meta does that for idea automatically
So I think I found it: