Is there a way to add swift code to the multiplatf...
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Is there a way to add swift code to the multiplatform project? I found a repo where there is a "swift" folder alongside the "kotlin" folder into "iosMain". I tried to do it but it seems that files get ignored. Could it be a custom gradle plugin? I'm referring to:
oh, got it! They add that files to the pod created.. does intelliSense or compilation checks work on that files then?
AFAIK the only Jetbrains IDEs that support that for Swift are Appcode and CLion. Wether they do in this configuration is anyone’s guess. But then the MPP part probably won’t work (Appcode has some support but it’s several versions out of date)
ok, thanks 🙂
in widgets implemented additional cocoapods with swift code, where used @objc marks for cinterop with kotlin, and in build.gradle of multiplatform modules added cinterop with this cocoapods. here podspec and here connect to gradle with mobile multiplatform plugin. here call from kotlin for class marked @objc
we work with swift cocoapods just with Xcode
thanks a lot!