Hey folks, our UX team is looking to chat with a f...
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Hey folks, our UX team is looking to chat with a few iOS developers who work with Kotlin. In particular, people whose primary IDE is Xcode and consider themselves iOS developers but may have to work with Kotlin for shared code from time to time. If anyone in this group fits that description (or you know folks at your company who do), would really appreciate a short 20-30 minute conversation!
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Hi David, we might not be at the best stage in our journey to have the conversation; but my team are now embarking on creating two distinct, native Apps for both iOS and Android for a US AgTech startup, with code-sharing via KMP, so we're interested in exploiting the surrounding toolchain and IDE's to their fullest. I have had one or two challenges from the team around using such a bleeding edge toolchain - I'm counting on the ultimate benefits outweighing the challenges 🤞
Among the team are a couple of 'pure native iOS" developers, used to living in Xcode.
I'd count myself as well, but I've been 'sold' on the idea of KMP for longer, so I'm bound to be more biased 🙂
Specifically in this area; I've been a big fan of using AppCode in the past; but this seems to be lagging behind in K/MP support. Would be great to see AppCode unify with Android Studio to make some kind of Uber Mobile Studio™.
Interesting, thanks Chris! Good luck with the new apps. Interested to hear how things are going once you all have worked a bit more with KMP!