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12/18/2020, 5:35 AM
I’m newbie in iOS, swift and Xcode. How can I push application into testflight from commandline and github-actions? I’ve created an apple distribution key, and download it. I’ve done it from Xcode UI (Archive -> Distribute app). Next I write in my console:
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xcodebuild -scheme QA -archivePath <path1> archive
xcodebuild -exportArchive -archivePath <path1> -exportPath <path2> -exportOptionsPlist <plist>
All Ok.
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xcrun altool --upload-app -f <path2> -u 
*** Error: code -21017 (Unable to validate your application. Could not determine the package's bundle id. The package is missing an Info.plist or the CFBundlePackageType is not 'APPL' or 'FMWK'.)
from IPA path I see
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What do I wrong?
On github actions I have got error on the second step (-exportArchive): 1. If I run the same command as local I will have the error:
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error: There are no accounts registered with Xcode. Add your developer account to Xcode (in target 'XPointSample' from project 'XPointSample')
error: No profiles for 'com.inventale.xpointsamplekmp' were found: Xcode couldn't find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching 'com.inventale.xpointsamplekmp'. (in target 'XPointSample' from project 'XPointSample')
2. If I define the key (CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY=…) I have the error:
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error: XPointSample has conflicting provisioning settings. XPointSample is automatically signed, but code signing identity Apple Distribution: EDMAKS, OOO (JJ5E7Q6U6H) has been manually specified. Set the code signing identity value to "Apple Development" in the build settings editor, or switch to manual signing in the Signing & Capabilities editor. (in target 'XPointSample' from project 'XPointSample')
3. If I switch off autosign in Xcode (and push it) I have the error:
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error: "XPointSample" requires a provisioning profile with the Access WiFi Information feature. Select a provisioning profile in the Signing & Capabilities editor. (in target 'XPointSample' from project 'XPointSample')
What have I do? I’ve imported key on github-actions by
and it works (with another key) for signing macOS build.


12/18/2020, 3:26 PM
Check your provisioning profile on

Lammert Westerhoff

12/18/2020, 4:01 PM
also have a look at this:;t=1s

perhaps it could help