Trying to compile code that works in jvm. Got next...
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Trying to compile code that works in jvm. Got next error:
I wasn;t able to spot any java imports or similar things in code. could it be related to objects or lateinit?
Exception line is: exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to
Could you show full stacktrace. Looks like just a ClassCastException
Maybe you have some code snippet where you can reproduce this problem
It is full stacktrace in pastebin.
Can't reproduce it with smaller example.. as I don't know what is causing that...
would be interesting to see the source code that trigger such behavior. Also
--disable build_dfg
may help
I added more lofs to pastebin link.
@olonho, where should i put that argument? doesn't look like gradle
adding --disable build_dfg didn't change anything
I'll try to rewrite code into different form, to see if it will change anything.
could you please provide us with the source code that triggers such behavior?
Source code have >100 files. I'll try to make smaller example.
As side note: we are using kotlin-native 0.6.2 and upgrade to 0.7 complains about org/gradle/language/cpp/internal/NativeVariant. But i was able to upgrade script to 0.8-dev-2179. After that it is able to compile code.
yes, Gradle 4.7 is required