# graviton-browser


04/01/2018, 7:42 PM
one open question it'd be great to get help on - is there a good design that would let us pack200 things in maven repositories for faster downloads? For example, is it better to build a proxy that sits in front of the repo and provides semi-transparent packing (e.g. an HTTP request to a .pack.gz file that doesn't exist will fetch the underlying jar and pack it)?


04/03/2018, 7:18 AM
Hey @mikehearn I know I am quite late to the party, I am just wondering why you want to download the artifact directly from a maven repository and resolve the dependencies at download time? Would it not make more sense to go the route [FXLauncher]( and [Getdown]( took, to define a descriptor file which defines alle jar files needed, as well as the jvm arguments and app arguments. The developer then runs a maven plugin which generates the needed descriptor file and resolves all the needed dependencies at deploy time. All the jars as well as the descriptor file would then be uploaded to a server and graviton would download all necessary files directly. The advantage of this approach is that it would be possible to only download changed jars in future updates or pack the jars with pack200. It would also be possible to define the starting view which would be downloaded first so the startup time of the app would feel shorter?