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📈 We've just published a new development version of plotly.kt (0.2.0-dev-13, it is available from the bintray). There is a plot drawing tutorial: https://github.com/mipt-npm/plotly.kt/blob/dev/docs/tutorials/HowToDrawASinus.md It even can do krangl: https://github.com/mipt-npm/plotly.kt/blob/dev/examples/src/main/kotlin/violin/GroupedViolinPlot.kt (cheers, @holgerbrandl) The most of layouting and tutorials are done by Ekaterina Smorodova, our intern from JetBrains Research. Jupyter support is functioning, but is yet bugged and requires more work.
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Hi @altavir This looks great! The docs could be potentially be improved to detail out how to use it interactively. Is it supported in a kotlin shell, can/how we use it from jupyeter, idea scratchpad?
The static page link in the landing readme is dead.
The tutorial has a small typo in the code. Its not Plolty 🙂
@holgerbrandl thanks for the comments.
The static page link works for me, but I will recheck everything before the final release. The documentation about dynamic server will be there as well, because it requires some additional explanation (some things are explained in the article: https://medium.com/@altavir/plotly-kt-a-dynamic-approach-to-visualization-in-kotlin-38e4feaf61f7). And there are dynamic examples. There is an annoying problem with manual passing of plotly container inside the page html. Any ideas are welcome.
And as for the Jupyter, there is currently a problem with loading scripts inside it, but we are working on it with K-DS team.
Is it expected that the violin1 plot is labelled "M" but - to my untrained eye - appears to be selecting females, and vice-versa for violin2?
@mikehearn, thanks. I believe I've messed it up when I changed Ekaterina's exemple to do better data loading