Hi, I'm a backend developer, have been developing ...
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Hi, I'm a backend developer, have been developing financial (banking, cards, e-transfer, e-commerce) software since 2006 in Java, currently mostly writing Kotlin and a bit of Java 8 (90/10% K/ ). Joined this channel just because I'm interested in science (popular science level, mind you) and got curious about Kotlin used in the field. Regarding graphing, I haven't heard about anything Kotlin specific, but Java offers many possibilities and all of them can of course be used from Kotlin. There's also kotlin-native which opens the world of native libraries and tools, although native is a bit rough around the edges still, still JNA can be used instead, same as from java.
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same here, curious in the topic and interested in seeing something different from python in the area (matter of fact, my xmas holiday project revolves around an application to apply some machine learning to image recognition to identify boardgames from the cover and retrieve info automatically and the initial prototype is from a friend of mine in python)