I'm using compose material 3 1.0.0-alpha13 and fou...
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I'm using compose material 3 1.0.0-alpha13 and found that the swipeable modifier is marked as internal. Is there something that changed or was this some mistake?
Cc @jossiwolf
Swipeable in M3 package has always been internal. You can use swipeable from material though. I believe they are the same.
Oh, well, it still would make more sense to make M3 swipeable modifier public. Having to depend on M2 as well just for one modifier isn't really ideal in my opinion
We are currently evaluating the API surface we want to offer for Swipeable, including a possible Foundation API. As there are quite a few issues with Swipeable, we haven't made it public in M3 yet. Comment #2 on the issue linked above gives you the full explanation and recommendations if you need something to give to your leads :) For the time being, we recommend forking Swipeable if you need it in M3!
Thank you for the quick answer
Hi Jossi! How is the swipeable implementation going? We'd love to be able to use it in our project.