When launching my app, the navbar and status bar f...
# compose
When launching my app, the navbar and status bar flicker black for a very small amount of time, less than half a second before it gets set to the proper color I'm using the system UI controller accompanist library to be able to set it but the flicker is something I want to fix somehow
Set it in the application theme you define in the manifest
It has to be readable without starting your process and the XML theme is the only way to do that
I figured it out, I had an animation for my splash screen and that was causing the issue
Ah, I've also found that you need to persist your "night mode" setting on API 31 and up, or your splash screen will display with the system night mode instead of your app's. I think it's
. This could cause the nav/status bars to be colored "incorrectly" during startup if you're setting the colors manually with SystemUiController.