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05/14/2022, 2:47 PM
One thing that'a bugged for me is live edit with bottom navigation component, let's say I'm editing the 4th screen on the bottom nav bar and when the live edit refresh happens I'm being returned to the starting destination.... instead of staying on the 4th screen Electric eel AS, does someone else has the same issue?

Adam Powell

05/14/2022, 3:05 PM
Navigation state preservation is a case we're aware of and working on. If you can share the code you wrote and what you edited, it'll help us out in tuning how we handle state preservation
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Shakil Karim

05/14/2022, 3:54 PM
Apart from navigation, Every time i Edit a screen i had go back and come back again to that screen for changes to applied.

Leland Richardson [G]

05/14/2022, 6:07 PM
live edit currently does a full-compose-hierarchy refresh every live edit, which means that states are returned to their initial values (including navigation state). This is how it works currently, but we are prototyping a version of live edit which only resets state in the function you are making edits to, which should solve most of this class of “bug”. It is something we have been aware of since the beginning, and designed live edit to work around, but haven’t yet gotten that part of the system into a stable enough state to let you all try it out.
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@Shakil Karim your description sounds a little more surprising to me. what are you using for navigation?

Chris Sinco [G]

05/14/2022, 6:30 PM
In the meantime you can also use Deploy/Run Preview on device + Live Edit if you want to focus on editing a specific part of your app, without needing to navigate to it to start testing

Shakil Karim

05/15/2022, 7:09 AM
@Leland Richardson [G] I am using Compose Navigation lib.