Does anyone know if the accompanist navigation lib...
# compose
Does anyone know if the accompanist navigation libraries support combining the animated and bottom sheet navigators? Looking at the code would suggest so:
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fun rememberAnimatedNavController(
    vararg navigators: Navigator<out NavDestination>
): NavHostController {
    val animatedNavigator = remember { AnimatedComposeNavigator() }
    return rememberNavController(animatedNavigator, *navigators)
I assume i would pass the resolve of a rememberBottomSheetNavigator() call?
thanks. i believe i can accomplish the same thing with the constructor, but this confirms what i think is the right way to do this.
I hope animation gets eventually folded into the main navigation library. It seems silly to have it external when it's built into the xml based version. I know why it was done (animation was experimental)
Animation APIs in Compose (specifically
) are still experimental
But yes, the correct way to pass it into
, just like the docs say you should do with
method was suggested only prior to that API existing, but isn't recommended anymore, since it is doing work on every composition vs only the once
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