Hi folks. Is there any composable or any custom so...
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Hi folks. Is there any composable or any custom solution to handle text line-break and hyphenation? Any plans to support hyphenation in compose in the future?
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I don't think there are any plans to support custom logic here. The line breaking in android (and compose) is very performance critical and is implemented in native code (c++ I think). But if you have a use case that you can't solve with stuff like it is now, definitely file a feature request!
Thanks @Zach Klippenstein (he/him) [MOD]. My use case is -Hyphenation for various languages-. Where can I file a feature request?
Tracker link is in the channel topic
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What language(s) aren’t hyphenating correctly?
That should just work out of the box
Some languages with long words or with unsupported spacing rules like Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc
For instance, the following code breaks the line but doesn’t add a hyphen (or at least not out of the box)
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    text = "AndroidJetPackComposeWithoutSpaces",
    fontSize = 30.sp
b/122477237 and b/122476122
please vote them
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