# compose

Andy Himberger

03/03/2022, 3:34 AM
Should InteractionSource.Hover enter/exit work when using a mouse or trackpad? (or something else work for mouseover visuals) With my Samsung tablet's trackpad I don't see any hover visuals in compose like I do with Views. I debugged it a little bit and found in all the trackpad input events are ignored because they are hitting this condition:
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if (event.isFromSource(InputDevice.SOURCE_TOUCHSCREEN) &&
    event.getToolType(0) == MotionEvent.TOOL_TYPE_FINGER
) {
    // Accessibility touch exploration
    return accessibilityDelegate.dispatchHoverEvent(event)
Keyboard navigation visuals work fine with the samsung keyboard, its just the trackpad thats not working
I was looking at this again, if I use a usb-c docking station with a mouse, that does work, its just the trackpad build into the samsung s7 type cover keyboard they sell to go with it that doesn't work.