Hey guys. Does anyone of you knows a compose image...
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Hey guys. Does anyone of you knows a compose image zoom library like this https://github.com/igreenwood/loupe ? Overall requirements for our view: • Show image in fullscreen • Image zoom in/out with pinch gesture • double tap for zoom in/out (by percent) • Pager for multiple images • Image description overlay • Swipe to dismiss I know we can implement things like the last two points quite simply by our own, but maybe there is already a library with all these features 😉
https://github.com/mxalbert1996/Zoomable You need to implement the overlay yourself but that should be quite easy.
Thanks for that! Seems to provide everything we need 👍
Hey @Albert Chang, I’m currently stuck on the overlay. Can you maybe support somehow? My problem is the tap registration to show and hide the image overlay. Here is an example:
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fun ZoomableImageWithOverlay() {
    // this one should handle the overlay visibility
    var isOverlayVisible by remember { mutableStateOf(true) }
    val state = rememberZoomableState(
        minScale = 0.8f,
        maxScale = 6f,
        overZoomConfig = OverZoomConfig(1f, 4f)
    Box(modifier = Modifier
        .pointerInput(Unit) {
            detectTapGestures(onTap = { isOverlayVisible = !isOverlayVisible })
    ) {
            state = state,
            enabled = true,
            dismissGestureEnabled = false,
        ) {
                painter = rememberImagePainter(data = "<https://picsum.photos/1200/1800>"),
                contentDescription = null,
                modifier = Modifier.fillMaxSize()

        AnimatedVisibility(visible = isOverlayVisible) {
            Text(text = "Here is my overlay stuff")
Do you have an idea what I’m doing wrong? No matter what I do, either the whole Layout consumes alle touch events or only the Zoomable receives them.
The only way was to overwrite the Zoomable and add an own single tap action to the library. Otherwise it seems to overwrite the passed Modifier internally.
I see the problem. Will try to come up with a solution when I have time.
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Hey @Albert Chang. I just tried to open a PR for your project to contribute with a possible solution but it seems I don’t have rights for that. As I haven’t contributed to any repository yet you might could help me with that. Are there any settings you have to change or anything I have to do differently? -> checkout project -> new branch -> commit changes -> push -> create PR
You need to fork the repo (so that you can push to it), commit and push the changes and then you can open a PR.