Hi everyone, we are using a remote build machine. ...
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Hi everyone, we are using a remote build machine. At the end of the remote compilation we are syncing back the apk from the remote build machine to the local machine. Compose previews are not working when building remotely (previews are empty) but working when building locally. The suspect is that we need to sync back not only the apk but other generated build files related to previews too. What are the build files that are compiled for showing the previews in Android Studio?
Are you looking for image files? I would imagine android studio is just running the class files to generate previews.
If your ultimate goal is to generate images files from previews, you can use
to get an image from devices, or you could use Paparazzi to render previews, using the same renderer as AS, from unit tests (doesn’t even require a device). Paparazzi should be getting compose support soon.
I was wondering what are previews based on 😃 If there’s something on top of the class files that is generated and used by AS Not related to images, wanted to make previews working in the AS preview window
FWIW previews are supposed to run a lot quicker apparently after some new CL that removes the use of gradle. someone posted it on here at some point I think or maybe twitter.
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