Is there an easy way to disable events for the top...
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Is there an easy way to disable events for the top layer of Box. I essentially want a debug only overlay, that doesn't stop the events being handled in the normal UI below.
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Box {
  Overlay(modifier = Modifier.ignoreTouchEvents())
Modifier.pointerInput(Unit) { detectTapGestures {} }
should work.
Nope, it's still detecting events. My overlay has a scrolling list, do I need to disable at all levels?
I’m confused. Do you want to disable the touch of
that doesn’t stop the events being handled in the normal UI below
You mean “does stop” right?
The overlay is purely for information, I want the buttons and events in Content() to be handled as normal.
I'm trying a few random things at the moment, zindex modifier, and if I can't get that working I'll draw it as a canvas. But I was hoping there was a simple way to have a tranparent overlay that does consumer and recat to events.
Ok I see what you mean. But I’m not sure why you can’t just remove the modifiers that handle touch events in the overlay.
I don't have any modifiers that handle touch events, they are there as part of the components I'm using to render the overlay, for example a scrolling list.
That's what I mean. Inside the overlay.
OK, I'll try that. Thanks.
you can have a state to keep track of like enabling/showing the overlay layer and toggle that state according to your need , if I am getting you right
No, was more about having a transparent debug overlay that didn't handle events. I got it working using a Canvas as the top layer. It doesn't intercept the events, so the control in the content layer still work.
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Think Frame Rate or Jank Stats draw on top of the app, but not clickable.
You could use a popup that has touch input disabled. Compose’s popup api doesn’t support disabling touch events yet but should be trivial to plumb that flag through
But this has come up a number of times in this slack. I don’t see a feature request for it yet though, filing
How do you want your overlay to be handled by accessibility services? You might also want to clear semantics actions in the overlay.
Thanks, in this case it's purely a debug utility, so I'd like it ignored from A11y, but not too worried if not.