Are there docs anywhere for how to tell Android Gr...
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Are there docs anywhere for how to tell Android Gradle Plugin pre-4.2 what the correct Compose compiler dependency is? I am trying to build some compose code in a project that can’t use 4.2 yet, and it looks like agp 4.1 is trying to use obsolete compiler dependency coordinates.
jetbrains plugin allow even AGP 4.0.1 I think
I’m getting this error:
Could not find androidx.compose:compose-compiler:1.0.0-alpha12.
I was pretty sure that was because the compiler artifact was renamed to
, so the plugin is looking for an artifact that doesn’t exist.
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Not sure how to tell it where the correct dep is
IIRC it is hardcoded so you can't override - but you can manually apply the compiler plugin yourself and avoid using AGP's built in configuration if you want
that sounds like what i want to do – got any examples of a project that’s doing that?
Ah, or maybe something like:
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subprojects {
    configurations.configureEach {
        resolutionStrategy.eachDependency { DependencyResolveDetails details ->
            def group =
            def module =
            def version = details.requested.version
            if (group == 'androidx.compose' && module == 'compose-compiler') {
To force using the new coordinates, not sure if any APIs changed here but this is probably easier than manually applying the plugin
oo, i’ll try that, thanks!
Alternatively for manually adding the plugin, something like this should still work: