Is it possible to write a Compose UI test that cre...
# compose
Is it possible to write a Compose UI test that creates some composable UI, then removes it, and assert that the Composable UI isn’t there using the
assertions? Example in thread.
For example:
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val composeRule = createAndroidComposeTestRule(…)

@Test fun compositionDisappears() {
  // Adds a ComposeView to the view tree.

  composeRule.onNodeWithText("expected text").assertIsDisplayed()

  // Removes the ComposeView from the view tree entirely.

  // This line fails on alpha11 because no Compose views are found.
  composeRule.onNodeWithText("expected text").assertDoesNotExist()
This seems like a reasonable test to write to me. I would like to not have to check
or whatever manually, since the fact that the view is torn down by removing the Compose view entirely vs just composing empty content is an implementation detail.
Am I missing some test API somewhere? If not, I have a bug ready to file.