Converting an old app went fairly smoothly yesterd...
# chucker
Converting an old app went fairly smoothly yesterday. Awesome job everyone. Here are the issues/things I noticed that were still hard from a new user perspective: 1. Setting the notification priority (I tried to set it to MIN from an old Github issue I found, but the icon still appears in the status bar, and while requests come in the icon changes spots in the status bar every 50ms and so it's pretty distracting. Would be nice to have an option to keep this as a MIN with no icon in the status bar (I thought setting it to MIN priority did that?) 2. The -1B issue from above. It would be nice to do the same thing that charles does, which is to just show the size even if the content length isn't there 3. Charles show vs chucker only showing (👀 the port number is missing in chucker which is unfortunate if your api makes heavy use of those port numbers) 4. For large responses it would still be nice to "Share as file" so that it saves the file, and shares it to slack automatically in one action 5. Save as file unfortunately leaves off the request headers + body and the response headers. It just seems to be the response body. This is weird because it's a different behavior than what you get if you try to Share as text 6. Click on the notification to open Chucker clears the notification. =( You need to open the app again to get it to post, and then you can access it again.
Thanks for such a detailed feedback. For me the most interesting ones are 3 and 6.
As to 2 - we are aware of this issue and it is already filled. For 4 and 5 - I would like to ask you to open an issue on Github, so we could keep track of it.
1 - priority works differently on different devices. At least this is the experience I had while trying to play around. However, combining 1 and 6 now I think that we could consider adding some configuration for pushes to allow users to customise how they want to see notifications (since I remember different requests at different points of time).
I will create issues for some of the above. Thank you! For notification priority, yeah I know that's been annoying in the past as those apis have changed a bit. I might play around with this to see if I can get some other kind of behavior, but when I had chuck I customized it NOT to show in status bar and I liked that, so now I'm just trying to replicate.
Created those issues. Also, looking forward to 3.3!
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