Hi all. Hoping someone can help. I'm trying to scr...
# skrape-it
Hi all. Hoping someone can help. I'm trying to scrape each line of text that appears before a
all inside one
. Any ideas?
hey, i’Äm really sorry to hear that. i didn’t find the time to maintain the project as much as i would like to because of personal commitments (wedding, becoming father for the first time, turbulent times at work because of corona and a hole bunch more). i’m really looking forward to have a way bigger focus on the skrape{it} again from now on. best regards
hey, no problem. Sorry, didn't mean to come across as rude if I did here: https://kotlinlang.slack.com/archives/CSPDWD4R4/p1596853479003100 I'd looked at all the examples but I just couldn't figure out the DSL.
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You are right regarding the docs, I will try to provide more meaningful and detailed examples :)
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