Hi, all) want to use envs in tests but faced some ...
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Hi, all) want to use envs in tests but faced some problems, can you please help? More details in stackoverflow question. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72586298/kotest-change-environment-variables
I'm on a trip right now but can help when I get back Monday, I use withEnvironment all the time 👍 I think you might just need to set the correct override as the second argument to the withEnvironment call
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Happens when you try to use withEnvironment with JDK17. If you try it with lower java version it should work. I'm not sure if there's any workaround right now
I think realistically the only "fix" is it not use env vars for this, but pass some variables in that you can then populate separately in tests.
Came across this. Maybe something in there could work. https://github.com/junit-pioneer/junit-pioneer/issues/509
There is really no nicer way to say this: you should have read the documentation
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