According to <this documentation>, An innermost te...
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According to this documentation, An innermost test in FreeSpec must not use ‘-’(minus sign). But the innermost test with the minus sign works well 🤔 What’s supposed to be wrong with it??
Gradle has issues if you don't tell it in advance if a test is a "test" or a "container". So by using the - or not, we can infer that information. It's just a limitation of gradle being built around tests always being classes and methods.
So it'll probably work in lots of places but then you'll end up with some weirdness if you don't stick to the rules. In 5.0 we may display a warning if you don't have your inner most context.
I think what usually happens is that sometimes the test isn't correctly reported as failed
because gradle won't consider t he container as failing if it doesn't contain tests or something like that
So the test suite becomes unreliable in some scenarios, and that's why it's forbidden
Yeah that makes sense
Oh. I’m sorry to be late. Thanks for your attention and explanation!
And In the light of experience, I agree with you. Because sometime it works without any issue but sometime not. Thank you!