Hi, can anyone tell me which version of kotest-ass...
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Hi, can anyone tell me which version of kotest-assertions-ktor I should use in my project? Overall kotest version is 4.6.0 according to the github readme, but on https://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2/io/kotest/kotest-assertions-ktor/ I can only find up to 4.4.3 . Should I use the lower version for kotest-assertions-ktor only, drop back to 4.4.3 for the general kotest version or do something else like using a different repo?
Extensions are versioned separately since 4.5.0 https://kotest.io/docs/changelog.html#450-may-2021
I don’t use Ktor but the docs here: https://kotest.io/docs/extensions/ktor.html suggest that latest ktor extensions release is 1.0.3
Ah, I missed that. Thanks a lot.
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A slight hickup is that the page still has the old GroupId. I've created a pull request for the page.
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Was having the same issue - thanks for calling this out!