Is there a guide anywhere for using mockk and kote...
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Is there a guide anywhere for using mockk and kotest together? I am trying to convert some tests that use
etc... annotations with `MockKAnnotations.init(this, relaxUnitFun = true)`` and haven't found a good way of doing it yet. I have been using
to implement the tests
I found the guide on for mocking, which I guess means I have to abandon annotated mocks, which is ok and feels more natural anyway after changing things
Just don't forget to clear them, or use InstancePerTest mode...
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Can you set isolation mode at the start of the Spec instead of at the end?
Yes. Either override isolationMode, or just use the dsl
Or you can do it for the whole project in ProjectConfig
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or just use the dsl
The DSL? Which one there a a few kotest DSLs 😄
so you can do
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class MySpec : FunSpec({
   isolationMode = IsolationMode.Foo
And that var assignment can go anywhere in the body
Or in project config for all specs at once