The road map is what I’m globally waiting for: giv...
# kotlin-roadmap
The road map is what I’m globally waiting for: give a better development experience. But, there are still some lacks to achieve this goal. I’ve been a little bit naive at the beginning when Dmitry Jerov said in 2011, “One thing to note: since we’re a development tools company, we’re building first-class IDE support for Kotlin in parallel with the language itself.” I thought that I would have in the IDE at least the same experience as in Java. Nine years later, some IDEA’s interesting features are still not supported for Kotlin like Structural Search and replace and Language injection. When a developer comes from Java and uses these tools, he expects to find it working with Kotlin.
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As consequences of this change:
Code editing features like inspections and refactorings will develop for Java and Kotlin in a more synchronized and interoperable way. It will benefit Java/Kotlin feature parity and improve developer experience in projects with mixed language codebase (e.g. Spring projects).
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Feature parity with Java tooling is one of our long-standing goals. As @mikehearn highlighted, migration of Kotlin plugin to IntelliJ repo will help with it. Btw, SSR is already in work, so stay tuned 😉