The disclaimer on the Github Page says: "and the J...
# compose-web
The disclaimer on the Github Page says: "and the JetBrains team doesn't have any plans to support or develop it", but at the bottom is written "P.S. JetBrains plans to continue experimenting with this technology and we are looking for UI Framework Developer". I find this a bit confusing
I guess experimenting is not the same as supporting.
but it definitely is the same as develop :)
This repository was more or less a hackathon/experiment. Jetbrains does intend to perform further experimentation in this space, but it very likely won't be directly related (except in spirit) to the hackathon/proof-of-concept from that repository.
Thanks Jim! That's right.
@Foso I will try to correct this phrase to make it clearer 👍
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Yep, this repo is only demo, but we’re looking for people to help with production ready solution
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Where can we find info on the production ready solution? Very interested in implementing it. Is it the same setup as the proof-of-concept and can I start with using this? Any roadmap?
Obviously there is no solution yet. You can use the prototype. I've tried it and it looks nice, but there are a lot of things missing in it.
Yes, I understand, but was referring to what @olonho said, that seems to suggest there’s work being done on a production ready solution 🙂 And yes, I’m using the demo too. I like where it is going.
I am waiting for it as well. I am tired of React.
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