Bryan L

04/24/2021, 4:02 AM
Day 42 & Dat 43
• Recorded Podcast Episode • Implemented Hilt in Daily Doc • Reached out and asked for feedback/code-review on Reddit & Twitter for Daily Doc
• It seems I've made it a habit to only write every other day.. • I'm not sure what I think about the recording. I had some technical issues and by the time I set up for it, I didn't have any of my notes on me when recording. Will wait and see before I critique it, but after we we stopped recording we kept talking for another 15 minutes or so. I started recalling a lot of information that should have been shared during. It seems I eased up afterwards. With that, the next time will be that much easier. He seemed fine with the recording, so hopefully I didn't butcher it too much. So many points I didn't bring up because it felt like I was "on-the-spot" lol. 😆:android-dance: • Decided to work on implementing Hilt before going forward with any changes on Daily Doc as it seemed it would fix some of the issues I was aiming for with handling state / lifecycle. Had some trouble converting it to using Hilt, but works now! • Started researching adding Firestore again, but I'm always hesitant every time I come back to it. I think it's just out of my element since I'm uncomfortable with anything to do with a server still. • My point on Day 41 post still stands
"I feel my progress slowing down. I need to get strict on myself again to either implement Hilt, Firestore, testing, or start a new project. Or at least solicit some code reviews for Daily Doc so I can improve it. I'm getting too comfortable making little progress."
Hilt has been implemented and I've reached out for code reviews for Daily Doc, but I still feel like I've hit this wall and I'm lacking actual progress. Interesting feeling for sure!
Goals Tomorrow
• Review the article from Day 41: Android Developer should know these Data Structures for Next Interview • Check and possibly work on any issues if feedback received from Twitter or Reddit • Work towards implementing Firestore or add user data to Daily Doc

JungIn Choi

04/24/2021, 2:08 PM
I clicked that Android Developer should know these Data Structures for Next Interview link and found that name(Amit Shekhar) familiar😂 This morning, drowsy saturday morning, I was wondering how to study android more thoroughly, and just found this github repo of his. Seemed to be nice reference.