JungIn Choi

04/23/2021, 5:36 AM
• Display zone markers ◦ Load marker images using Glide • Display polygons of returning zones ◦ Had issues while parsing json data (null and jsonnull is different...)
• That null/jsonnull issue really ... was eww. Found it by printing everything line by line.
Goals Tomorrow
• Study & get used to Rx. Replace call, callback things with rx
• Rx - read articles and documents ◦ subscribe, subscribeOn, observeOn, main thread / io thread ◦ creating observables, Single, etc. • NaverMap app demo - Replace callbacks with Single
• Actually I had lots of fear about Rx, but it wasn't that tremendous as I thought. • Maybe it's because I know 1) how to use usual callbacks, 2) that these are all parallel concepts - callback, coroutine, rx • Now it has been a week at this company. So far, so good. Sooo good. I love my work, love these people, love my lifestyle. It was an awesome decision to drop out of graduate school. Sorry professor.
Goals Tomorrow
• (weekend goals) Have quite a lot of things in 'input box', but I think I'll have to look at mvvm basics first. And I also have to check some long - term goals, review last 7 days in work.

Bryan L

04/24/2021, 4:05 AM
This is awesome to hear! Feeding off of your energy for sure :android-dance: Rx is like coroutines, but targets other JVM languages as well, not just Kotlin like coroutines, correct? 🤔
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JungIn Choi

04/24/2021, 2:00 PM
Emm as far as I know, yes correct. There are rxjava, rxkotlin, rxandroid, rxswift etc. It's basically uhh.. implementation of reactive programming I guess.