Bryan L

03/20/2021, 4:52 AM
• Read some AK • Worked on Notes App - Mostly the spaghetti code version of Add Note • Read
• Felt productive today although not sure how productive I actually was.. Time flew by today! Decided to not care too much about design principles(yes, I read that article above and it's great!) to focus on actually getting some work done verse making little progress. I'll work on refactoring later! • Was able to get a rough prototype of the app working today. Added small survey, body, and date created to "Add Note". While body and date are saved in the database, I still need to add survey answers to it to display for viewing later. Won't go in to too much detail hear about my goals with the app, but it's very similar to how I'm pursuing #100daysofkotlin-2021 and will keep track there. Lots to work on and hopefully I can upload it to git within a week for others to look at! • I was too distracted today and didn't finish typing up everything to send to my friend. Need to do that tomorrow. Progress is nice!
Goals Tomorrow
1. Draw layouts for other screens again and try to break them down on paper 2. Add survey details to note entity 3. Read some DDIA and maybe AK
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Neglected principles - but have been lacking on actually producing results, so will fine tune as I go along with the project and elsewhere
I haven't touched theming the app yet, just using a few different colors. Not as concerned with it as I am getting stuff to work 😅

JungIn Choi

03/20/2021, 7:07 PM
Ohh it seems useful 😎