03/19/2021, 1:21 PM
• Continue learning other types of design pattern • Summarize some articles about Structural Pattern (Facade, Adapter) and Behavioral Pattern (Observer, Template Method) and their implementation.
• Yikes, so hectic these few days. Worked OT. Got some issues with higher priority in our production app that need to be taken care of. Working on some EI also working with PostgreSQL database to patch some critical issues. This emoji sums up my week 🤯 haha. • Really sorry if i used some
in these weekdays. Need to deal with work aside of learning and doing self improvement stuffs. • TGIF! Today learned the next topic of design patterns which is structural and behavioral patterns. Actually just realized that i ever implemented Facade and Adapter pattern in my project, but not quite familiar with the pattern’s name. • Completed all most used design patterns 😛arty-parrot:
Goals Tomorrow
• Move onto reviewing architechtural pattern. • Although i have experienced patterns like MVC/MVP/MVVM, still wanted to refresh basic concept that will be useful in future interviews.
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Bryan L

03/19/2021, 2:44 PM
What's you're favorite architecture pattern so far? 😁

JungIn Choi

03/19/2021, 3:48 PM
lol no need to be sorry Alvin :android-wave: This is purely a self-paced challenge, and workplace issues are always so urgent 💪 Take some time for rest lol, but also welcome back !