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Piotr Krzemiński

11/14/2021, 7:34 AM
FYI, I started introducing our stdlib, copying the JS IR one. Will send some first PR within a week
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Huh, it's not so easy. The build logic is pretty complicated and each stdlib is a bit peculiar. I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to have a quick consultation with someone from the Kotlin team how to best approach it (creating a new stdlib from scratch).
For example, for JS there are actually 3 Gradle modules (for legacy bsckend, IR backend and common) and looks that if we use the IR one, we use a lib that contains stuff for both backends anyway.
@udalov any hints how to approach it? I can do trial and error, but some guidance may save us some time


11/15/2021, 11:46 AM
Sorry, I'm probably not the best person to discuss JS-related parts. Maybe @bashor can suggest something/someone else
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11/15/2021, 7:56 PM
It’s better to ask @ilya.gorbunov
The setup for wasm should be simpler and more suitable for your case.


11/17/2021, 2:52 PM
Yes, I'd recommend taking a look at how kotlin-stdlib-wasm build is set up.
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