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11/12/2021, 6:12 PM
Today: • Prettified our custom e2e tests a bit (PR). • Removed few unneeded symbols from our current testing (PR). • Researched exceptions: it seems we really need to get rid of KJS stdlib and introduce our own. • Researched some stdlib calls: same. • Searched what other failure reasons we have. Supported undefined call and dynamic expressions (PR) – only +2 box tests pass because there are other problems, but at least they are explicitly listed now. Next time: • I see there are also some failures like "X object has no attribute 'constructor'", I want to take a look, maybe it's easy to fix. • Inspect other failure reasons. • Probably start with researching of how we can copy and introduce our own stdlib implementation.
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When we have our own stdlib that we can edit freely, we can support not only exceptions. Exceptions is a big topic itself: we need to understand specifics of both Kotlin and Python ones to integrate them properly. Even for their initial support small research will be required

Piotr Krzemiński

11/12/2021, 6:46 PM
awesome, thank you! yeah, it seems to be the moment where we do need to invest time to un-piggyback from JS's stdlib 🙂