We need to pay off some technical debt that now st...
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We need to pay off some technical debt that now starts to have big impact: name clashes. In e.g. JS target, the transformers use
to calculate a name for a function or a variable. We currently ignore it, which results in such behavior. In our simple

failure root cause report

, these are seen as
RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded
. The linked code hints me that it also has an indirect influence on issues that occur more frequently, like
NameError: name 'Companion_instance' is not defined
. I think we should work on this next. It's also needed to go forward with my Translate property declaration and initialization by krzema12 · Pull Request #12 · krzema12/kotlin-python. @SerVB do you fancy taking a closer look tomorrow, or you'd rather tackle another problem? My next slot for working on kotlin-python will be in 2 weeks.
Thanks. Sure, I can take a look at name clashes. I don't promise that I will handle it tomorrow, but at least I can start
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I started fixing it in this commit: https://github.com/krzema12/kotlin-python/pull/12/commits/2c1f1766ffee677b4080f2fdfd8431df534a8936 you can see
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Btw, let me embed that table here, maybe someone here finds it interesting 🙂
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my dream would be to put a Jupyter notebook in our repo so that anyone can run it and generate a fresh report straight from
but maybe it's not worth the investment, not sure
Why notebook? Maybe just a generator that generates such a table in text, like out missing.txt file?
I was thinking about some visual report with various graphs and plots how many of each failure reasons we have, what's the number of passing box tests over time (extracted from git), and so on. But maybe you're right, something simple would suffice at least for now
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