when I migrate my android project from kotlin 1.3....
# kapt
when I migrate my android project from kotlin 1.3.11 to 1.3.31, all gradle modules that use
failing until I
apply plugin 'kotlin-kapt'
— is that really necessary? am I doing it right? any idea where i can find documentation / release notes about breaking changes like these? 🙂
Does those modules have annotation processors?
Ohh, if you run kaptTest than you have code generation in tests
I'm really curious how that worked before
It may be related to many changes in theory, especially Kotlin Gradle plugin changes, you can check changelog, but I'm bit confused how this used to work without kapt on modules that generate core and apply APs
But maybe it's some tricky case, ai would try to reproduce it if you want really check why this behavior is changed
yes, i am surprised by this as well
they did have the
plugin applied in some cases
but they definitely used
without needing to explicitly apply plugin
old behaviour looks as a bug
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