# multiplatform


09/08/2021, 11:45 AM
Hi! I’m just getting started with KMM and but rather than building an Android app and iOS app, I’d like to build an Android and iOS SDK, with a shared Kotlin library/framework that each depends on. However the Android Studio/IntelliJ template seems to only be setup for outputting apps as the final products rather than SDKs. I’m comfortable with android and gradle, and I’ve managed to change the android app to a library, but am much more unfamiliar with iOS and so was after a bit of direction please 🙏🏾 My plan is to just create a new xcode workspace with a new framework target, and copy the pod file and build script steps from the KMM generated iOS app template. Does this seem correct? I am a bit concerned about missing some steps to get it all linked together properly… Are there any Github repos or docs that would help me with this? Also it would be great if in future the wizard could ask whether you wanted to produce an app or library

Steven Veltema

09/09/2021, 6:26 AM
You could create a swift package instead of a pod with
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