Trying to do some basic Linux Frame Buffer stuff b...
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Trying to do some basic Linux Frame Buffer stuff by following this tutorial: None of the symbols in linux/fb.h can be imported even though the Linux Frame Buffer (User Space) library is part of the Linux Kernel. Will this issue be addressed in the Kotlin 1.6.10 release?
There needs to be a standard process to quickly add support for standard Linux Kernel user space libraries. Every time a Kotliner reports a similar issue it should be treated as a severe bug (a stability/polish issue) that needs to be fixed quickly (in the next minor Kotlin release).
I think it's easier for you to open an issue and follow up with a PR to the platform libs, presumably here . From merging until release, from my experience, you can expect a few months delay. But you can use cinterop in your own project during this time
Found a simple workaround that works (tested with the linuxArm32Hfp target on a Rpi 4). Create and use a def file that contains the following:
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package = frameBuffer
#include <linux/fb.h>